Safe Harbor Adoption & Orphan Care Ministry's purpose is to increase awareness of the Heavenly Father's passion for looking after orphans by loving them like Jesus.

Active compassion is necessary!

Love that is demonstrated through:

  • global orphan care
  • Adoptive/Fostering families
  • encouragement of those who bring orphans into their homes
  • teams who give hands-on involvement are vital to the journey of orphan care
  • mobilizing churches, institutions, and groups that contribute prayer, visitation, and finances

We are adopted by our Heavenly Father into His family- God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what He wanted to do and it gave him great pleasure (Ephesians 1:5, NLT).

His active compassion drives us to make a difference in the life of a child-an ETERNAL difference!

It only takes one to reach one!




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"The Litzke Invasion"

Once again reading Scott's annual letter of "The Litzke Invasion" brought Dave and I to tears. We are humbled to be apart of the story God is writing. We are humbled God chooses to use two broken people and He shines through the broken pieces.

The words penned in this letter revived us. How we were reminded the absolute truth of how God CAN and so DESIRES to use us as vessels of love and tangible grace in the lives of these precious children. Treasures He created, in His image, and afforded us the opportunity to share in. ‪#‎WeGETtodothis‬ It reminded ME again today of the priviledge it is (despite the difficulties) to be that advocate and "cheer leader" for the ONE child. How necessary it is and the tragedy of when that child's "champion" doesn't show up. All because we weren't listening or fear cripples and prevents our proclaimed YES.

What a gift we receive when we stop (b/c often we are so busy "doing") when we stop and realize our hearts are overflowing from the absolute joy of loving them. What a grand invitation it is! So humbled to be on this journey with the Father and the friends that walk it out with us and support in numerous ways. Those who truly wrap around our family and "do life" together this side of Heaven.

Litzke Invasion 2016

mandy-family-8-16"For the past 5 years in July, my family has had the privilege of hosting a party for families who have adopted children with special needs. Five families with a total of 45 children, 38 adopted attend. Since one family treks in over 500 miles from Ohio, they stay at our home in New Jersey for the weekend (15 kids with them!-2 couldn't attend). This year, like every year, God has shown me new insights into His heart, His love, and His desire for us to be “defenders of the defenseless.”

At 5:30AM Sunday morning I went down to the kitchen to set up for the inevitable onslaught of hungry kids awaiting the annual pancake breakfast. As I peered into the family room there was my friend and dad of these 15 kids feeding his newest addition, 6 month old Noah. Noah was born with severe physical and mental challenges that were too overwhelming for the family who had planned to adopt him. No families were found to care for Noah and the hospital advised that he would be sent to a children’s hospice if no one stepped forward. After considerable thought and prayer our friends agreed to love and care for Noah despite his poor prognosis. Essentially, they gave Noah a chance at life.

The very next day I received an email about Ethan, a 10 year old boy with physical and intellectual disabilities in the Philadelphia Foster Care system. Ethan was abused by his father and bounced around from placement to placement. One day, Ethan went to the school nurse unable to stand because of severe stomach pains. The nurse failed to act, the Foster Mom refused to pick him up, the friend who arrived to get him from the school did not want him in her Mercedes because the fear of him staining her seats. By the time he eventually got brought to the hospital, he was unconscious and declared dead on arrival from a bowel obstruction. He died a wholly preventable death because not one person would step up to help him. One person that was connected to the story said “He had no one to defend him.”

Caring for children who have been in the foster care system or have special needs can be extremely challenging, exhausting, and frustrating. Our friends could have said “No” to Noah with good reason, since they already have numerous children with physical and intellectual disabilities. Their life certainly would have been a lot easier. But since they did not, God is using them to show His strength and His heart as the Father of the fatherless.

We are all called by God to one degree (17 children) or another (my small family of 4 children) to step up and be that one defender for someone who is defenseless. Caring for the widow and orphan is what God calls pure and faultless religion. You may not be called to adopt a child, but God desires for all of us to play an important part as advocates for children.

Thank you for supporting families like our friends from Ohio. Your prayers and financial support are a part of God’s plan to protect the most vulnerable among us."

In Him,

Scott Coppola
July 24, 2016 Annual Party